From Stefano:

Instead (or in addition) of the ASC search (Search Categories tab) in agris.fao.org, we may have, for example, a "Browse AGRIS Journals", allowing users to browse them alphabetically, by subjects, by country, etc.. accessing the articles (AGRIS records) from a journal "snippet", which would also display the full information that, for example, Roberto has done, withiout too  much effort. This would be gold additional information for our partners institutions and for any scienjtist or researcher accesing the site.
Roberto has done a lot of things with our datasets and, among the other things, what they did at http://rhizomik.net/agris/ with the journals is an automatic generation of a set of browsing facets showing the user the structure of the data and when they find what they are searching, they apply the transformation (xslts transforming RDF to XHTML and RDFa) to render and display the restricted set.
Then, the selected journal's snippet displays all the articles from that journal.
Another interesting thing is the "edit data".. there is also the possibility to change (update/maintain/curate) the data...
What I am anyway wondering and what I would like to ask Roberto, is how feasable would be to use their API in the OpenAGRIS project.

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