Tutorial on the use of SILK for aligning controlled vocabularies

A tutorial on the use of SILK has been published.The SILK framework is a tool for discovering relationships between data items within different Linked Data sources.This tutorial explains how SILK can be used to discover links between concepts in controlled vocabularies.

Example used in this Tutorial

The tutorial uses an example where SILK is used to create a mapping between the Named Authority Lists (NALs) of the Publications Office of the EU and the MARC countries list of the US Library of Congress. Both controlled vocabularies (NALs & MARC Countries list) use URIs to identify countires, compare for example, the following URIs for the country of Luxembourg

SILK represents mappings between NALs using the SKOS language (skos:exactMatch). In the case of the URIs for Luxembourg this is expressed as N-Triples:
To map the two lists, the following input files are used:
Metadata Registry:
Library of Congress:

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