Meeting in Montpellier

Sorry, I have not been following up on the preparation of the meeting; Let me start now


1. I have updated the invite now (not with hands-on), I have attached it to this message. PLease comment. Is it OK then that I try to get it out, using the same channels as for the invitation of the fair?

2. In fact I had meant this community space not so much for internal discussion for registration, and to make the registrations visible here, as well as the program.

I propose that we have a form here where we ask the following:



       Organisation (if applicable)

        Please describe porject that you are working on, or have been working on.

Valeira, can you put this up? I propose we port this discussion to the general CMTF community site.

3. We should make an inventory of what we can have for demonstration for the different models

a. Commodity services: Euforic is still maintained , Chris Addison may be there, I have asked pier Andrea Pirani if he will be there

b. CMS + commodity services: This could be the launch for a agridrupal group, and see some of the applications

c. CMS + complex local application: Vivo? GFIS? Agrifeeds? Elis?


I know we mentioned a lot of possibilities, some still under development at FAO. Maybe somebody in Rome can give more detail


Looking forward to your comments.



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