Cross-Scheme Management in VocBench 2.1

Dear vocbenchers,

One of the main features of the forthcoming VB2.1 will be SKOS Cross-Scheme Management

I started drafting some notes about cross-scheme management here:

I think it is important to have all the integrity checks related to this aspect clear for humans, and not only have them sealed deep in the code. These notes will help users get acquainted with this feature in advance. Once completed, these will be included also in the manual of VB.

For the moment I’ve only written the introduction, some notes about data integrity and then described the checks carried upon the most dangerous operation: removing a concept from a scheme. Together with the VB development group, we will add more information in the next days. However, if you have some questions about this feature, you may post them here, as usual (or you may use the vocbench user/developer user groups).

A consistent set of operations and integrity checks for cross-scheme are already in place for this 2.1, which will be released in the next days.

VB2.2 will focus on other aspects (multi-project management), while we foresee a second wave of facilities for cross-scheme management (such as mass-move/add/remove actions, fixing utilities, analysis of dangling concepts, corrective actions etc..) for VB2.3



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