IFLA Key Initiatives 2011-2012 in action

In 2010, IFLA's Governing Board drafted a Strategic Plan for years 2010-2015. This plan sets out IFLA's Strategic Directions and Priority Activities for the long term. Each IFLA Professional Unit has its own Action Plan and at least one of the activities of each Professional Unit connects to the overall Strategic Plan.

5 Key Initiatives for 2011-2012: practical and tangible actions

To transform all of this 'strategy thinking' into practical and tangible actions, IFLA's Governing Board has formulated and endorsed 5 Key Initiatives on which IFLA will focus in 2011-2012. These Key Initiatives are closely connected to IFLA's Strategic Plan, and also elaborate and enhance activities that are already taken up in various Sections, SIGs and Core Activities. They also provide IFLA with strong and important topics to enhance cooperation with its Strategic Partners.

IFLA's 5 Key Initiatives for the years 2011 - 2012 of the Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015 are:

  • 1. Digital Content Programme: Driving access to content, and digital resources, for library users.
  • 2. IFLA International Librarianship Leadership Development Programme: Capacity building to raise the voice of the profession nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • 3. Outreach Programme for Advocacy and Advancement of the Profession: Connecting, collaborating, representing strategically.
  • 4. Cultural Heritage Disaster Reconstruction Programme: Culture is a basic need, a culture thrives through its cultural heritage, it dies without it.
  • 5. Multilingualism Programme: A multilingual IFLA website opens windows to the world

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