AIMS at DC-2011

DC-2011, the eleventh International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, took place at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague from 21 through 23 September 2011. 

AIMS's presence at DC-2011
The AIMS team presented the paper Thesaurus Alignment for Linked Data Publishingon the work done mapping AGROVOC to six other well-known thesauri, all already available as RDF(S) resources. The result: a Linked Data version of AGROVOCwith reliable links to other thesauri, following a procedure that is fully replicable.

The AIMS team also presented the poster 'Metadata Approaches for Shareable and LOD-enabled Bibliographic Data from Open Repositories' on encoding recommendations for the exchange of metadata between data providers and the VOA3R (Virtual Open Access in Agriculture and Aquaculture Repository) platform. 

In addition AIMS was one of the convenors of the workshop Vocabulary management and alignment session. This full day special session explored the scope and nature of vocabulary management issues, with illustrations from a variety of different domains and communities, and discussed a variety of proposals and ideas for how DCMI, the W3C and other committed organizations might contribute to both infrastructure and best practices for more effective vocabulary management and interoperability. 

Metadata harmonization: bridging languages of description
The overall theme of the conference was 'metadata harmonization', a little understood, but critical challenge in design of languages of description. DC-2011 explored the conceptual and practical issues of design when the language solution calls for cross-fertilization from different metadata specifications.