New E-LIS Governance and E-LIS migration to DSpace

New E-LIS Governance

E-LIS, not-for-profit/non-commercial project, is organised, managed and maintained by an international team of librarians, with different background. Essentially, the strong part of the repository are the 60 national editors from 44 countries carrying out the quality control of the metadata from the self-archived papers and the submission and copyright policies.

Supporting national editors, E-LIS has 5 regional editors that help to complete this process and coordinate their work as much as possible. The editorial work is performed under the management of an Executive Board that drives the policies, alliances, new actions, collaborations and any topic that is of interest to E-LIS. The Executive Board is made up of two chief executives, two representatives of the editorial team, two representatives of CIEPI - International Centre for Research in Information Strategy and Development which is the association created by E-LIS members for representing institutionally the E-LIS interest as a legal entity - and two technical representatives that have deep experience on DSpace. In addition to this structure, the advisory board appointed to advise the executive board is formed by institutions and people that support E-LIS. More information available here.  

E-LIS has recently migrated to DSpace

AePIC CILEA - Consorzio Interuniversitario Lombardo per L'Elaborazione Automatica - who is kindly offering the hosting and technical maintenance of E-LIS pro bono, proposed in 2010 to change from EPrints Software to DSpace due to business and maintenance reasons.

The E-LIS Team accepted the proposal and E-LIS was ported from EPrints to DSpace between December 2010 and January 2011 thanks to the excellent work done by Susanna Mornati and Andrea Bollini's team. The migration is considered complete, and just small things to improve the user interface graphically should be performed during the coming weeks. This change may lead to some difficulties for those used to depositing their documents with EPrints Software.

For help and support contact the team on the E-LIS mailing list .