DuraSpace, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the world’s scholarly, scientific and cultural records, announced at the beginning of November 2011 the launch of its managed cloud service, DuraCloud.

DuraCloud is a free open-source project and fee-based subscription service, and is available to any organization wishing to archive and preserve their content using the cloud, without locking into one single cloud provider.

Archiving digital libraries and research output for academic institutions, museums, and other knowledge stewards, DuraCloud offers:

  • Replication and synchronization of content across multiple cloud providers through one unified interface
  • Access to a suite of applications embedded in the DuraCloud platform to do more with your data
  • Data distribution and streaming to any internet-linked device
  • Secure storage of digital archives and periodic content “health checks” assuring information is being preserved as it should be
  • A simple-to-use yet powerful dashboard to manage all content across the cloud
  • An open-source community dedicated to on-going technological development, along with support assistance to ease the transition into the cloud

This month DuraCloud 1.2 was released.

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