Портал "Стандарты управления сельскохозяйственной информацией" (АИМС) создан с целью сбора информации о стандартах, технологиях и передовых методах и обеспечения доступа к такой информации. Это форум, где специалисты в области управления информацией из любых стран мира могут обсуждать вопросы открытого доступа и открытых данных. Портал АИМС опирается на принципы сотрудничества и взаимодействия.

Последние новости

  • AGRIS in 2020

    AGRIS increased the collection to more than 12 million records from 450 data providers from 150 countries, and the number of visits reached 25% more than 2019. The new website has also become a key element for the promotion and accessibility of AGROVOC at http://www.fao.org/agris/.  Publications FAO. 2020. AGRIS, the International System ...

FAOs Knowledge sharing

07.04.2021 – The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published the eBook "Farm data management, sharing and services for agriculture development”. Developed in partnership with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) and the Pan African Farmers Organization (PAFO), the book aims to strengthen the skills of professionals who use, manage data for the benefit of farmers and farmers organizations by exposing them to the topics of importance of data in the agriculture value chain. It also wants to explain how new and existing technologies, products and services can leverage farm level and global data to improve yield, reduce loss, add value and increase profitability and resilience.