New agInfra 'Italian Soil Information System' application demo now available

The WebGIS and Cloud Computing enabled 'Italian Soil Information System'
(ISIS) service is running for online Italian soil data consultation. ISIS is made up of a hierarchy of geo-databases which include soil regions and aim at correlating the soils of Italy with those of other European countries with respect to soil typological units (STUs), at national level, and soil sub-systems, at regional level.

This video briefly shows the ISIS application and its integration in the agINFRA Science Gateway.

This service offers two different operational modes:

  • A reduced set of ISIS services is freely accessible - Demo access
  • To access the full set of services, including the possibility to query the geo-databases and to get information on the sites stored therein, user authentication and authorisation is required. If you do not yet have an account, find here the instructions about how to register and sign in.

The 'Italian Soil Information System' is developed by Centro di ricerca per l'Agrobiologia e la Pedologia
(CRA-ABP) and Gis3W.