Last VOA3R Meeting in Rome : Evaluating the project

The 7th VOA3R Project Meeting will take place next week at FAO in Rome, Italy, from 14-15 May, 2013. This will be the last meeting of the 3-year project which started in June 2010 and was funded by the European Commission under the seventh framework (FP7) ICT Policy Support Program.

Collect feedback from VOA3R users

The main objective of the meeting will be to evaluate the outcome of the project. In this light also, a survey has been launched in English and French to collect feedback from users.

VOA3R collocated with LINQ 2013

Immediately after the Project Meeting, VOA3R will participate in LINQ 2013, the leading conference for Learning Innovations and Quality (16-17 May).

VOA3R's presentation at LINQ 2013 is entitled "Open Access and Digital Resources: Online Strategies and Communities". Objective: to present the results, raise interest for the portal and discuss current challenges.

More on the 3-year VOA3R project on AIMS

For more information on the developments of the project during the last 3 years, go to the VOA3R website or search the AIMS website by 'VOA3R' for a long list of publications.

Also the Special VOAR Newsletters published on AIMS on a bi/triannual basis give a nice overview of the project's activities and results. Simply go the AIMS Newsletter page and scroll down the page.

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