DIGITAL SCIENCE : smart support at every stage of the research cycle

Digital Science is a leading global  technology company serving the needs of scientific research. Digital Science provides software that makes the research process simpler and more efficient so that everyone can work smart and discover more. Digital Science helps solve problems for researchers, institutions, publishers and funders.


“We still have better tools for managing our personal music and photo collections than we have for managing scientific research. At Digital Science, we want to help change that”, - Timo Hannay, Digital Science Founder

Would you like to:

  • Work more efficiently with smart tools that support you at every stage of your research cycle?
  • Increase the productivity of your institution with smart tools that fuel opportunity, innovation, and discovery?
  • Innovate and empower to make sure your content supports and fully engages with end users and authors?
  • Compare your portfolio against others to get actionable insights to make better decisions? 

Then Digital Science is for you! 

Digital Science was founded (in 2010) in England to work with researchers, institutions, publishers, and funders to ensure they can better serve their own communities with technology that delights.

Digital Science is operated by global media company, the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group.

The Digital Science team believes to be able to change the way science is done by constantly challenging and doing things in a different and more efficient way.

By bringing its combined experience together, Digital Science enables its portfolio companies to access an unrivalled array of knowledgecontactsskills and capital.Digital Science talks to the global research community to understand their needs so Digital Science can help change the way science works from the ground up.

The consulting group delivers data-driven analytical reports and technology solutions to research policy and management clients such as higher education institutions, charities and funding agencies, publishers and policy bodies.


Discover and stay on top of new research

Work and share with colleagues across the globe on projects, papers and more

Get credit for and manage the impact of your research

Ensure your data is safe, secure, organized and persistent

Manage your lab research and maintain knowledge continuity

Save time writing up and submit your work for publishing more easily











Make better informed strategic decisions

Collect, curate and showcase your endeavors and achievements

Know the impact of your institution’s research and activities

Minimize administrative burden while achieving excellent standards of compliance

Provide the best workflow support for your researchers

Work better with collaborators and partners











Make an impact to ensure your readers return again and again

Make open access, open data and open science work

Better understand how users interact with your content

Offer tools that make a real difference to the working day of authors

Offer new author services to stand out from the competition









Find suitable reviewers with no conflicts of interest

Make sure you are funding the right proposals

Analyze only the relevant parts of your portfolio

Report automatically and consistently on funding and outcomes

Compare your portfolio with those of other funders

Digital Science open platform allows public access to research and data










As a unique investor with a proven record of deep domain expertise and an extensive network in the scientific and research markets, Digital Science incubates and  invests in the most promising scientific research software.

Digital Science’s software helps to support researchers at every stage of the research cycle to ensure they can work more efficiently and discover more.

When it comes to scaling Digital Science’s product and getting it in front of users or clients, Digital Science’s network is unparalleled.

Catalyst Grant  (up to £15,000) programme helps get early stage ideas off the ground and bring them to life. If you’ve got an innovative scientific software idea, then Digital Science has got the funding and resources to help it grow. Digital Science’s grants can help take your idea from concept right through to prototype.

Submit your application and you’ll be on your way to bringing your idea to life.

Next Submission Deadline is 31 December 2016

Digital Science applicants have come to Digital Science from all walks and stages of life and from all across the world. 

Digital Science is also a big fan of interoperability and continually looks for companies which may fit with Digital Science’s existing portfolio, with the goal of helping the research community to work more efficiently and discover more.


Visit Digital Science platform to learn more about its products, services, resources.

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