Designing TAPipedia: an information sharing platform for Capacity Development on Agricultural Innovation Systems in the Tropics

The webinar will discuss the concept for designing of TAPipedia, an information sharing platform currently being developed as part of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), with members of the TAP CD Expert Group and Chairs of the TAP Global Task Force & TAP Steering Committee. TAPipedia is expected to help TAP members and other stakeholders address a number of challenges relevant for a more coherent delivery of Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS). TAPipedia will assist TAP members to present, explain and communicate the Framework on CD for AIS, so that it may be more easily tested, improved, adopted and implemented by stakeholders. TAPipedia will also allow stakeholders at different levels to share their own applied and context specific CD for AIS resources and to discover such knowledge from different partners and regions.