AGORA’s brand new brochure, out now!

The new promotional guide takes users through the basics of the Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) programme, with tips on registering, eligibility, content, and more.

Did you know that you are still able to freely access some content on AGORA and Research4Life even if your institution isn’t eligible for full access?  Or, that the income generated from low-cost subscriptions to AGORA is invested in local training initiatives?

AGORA’s new foldable brochure – currently available to download online provides this and other key information aimed at helping users to get the best out of the programme.   

As one of four global partnership programmes under the Research4Life umbrella AGORA provides low-income countries with free or low-cost access to major scientific journals in agriculture and related fields.

The goal is to enhance the visibility of research outputs on agriculture and nutrition through access to timely agricultural information on the internet, and AGORA has and is making a huge contribution towards this.

The brochure is a way of spreading the word. It includes information on whether your institution is eligible for full access to AGORA  (based on a country’s Group A or Group B status), and how to go about registering.

In addition there’s an alphabetical run-down of the subject material available on AGORA. Currently, there are research resources on 22 topical themes related to biological, environmental and social sciences, which can span anything from aquatic science to entomology to soil science.

We’d love to know what you think of the brochure (and AGORA’s new look logo, above).  Please don’t hesitate to spread the word about AGORA and Research4Life by passing the brochure on to other institutions, who may not be aware that they are eligible to join.