FAO promotes the exchange of scientific research and technical knowledge related to all aspects of food and agriculture. Through a series of knowledge programmes, FAO helps to increase the accessibility and visibility of research products in its Member Countries, and to make this information available, accessible and usable worldwide. These programmes help to:

  • Promote accessibility of scientific information and digital data in food & agriculture;
  • Strengthen engagement of international, regional and national organizations in scaling up access to and dissemination of agricultural data; and
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of agricultural research and education.

This exchange of knowledge, information and data not only supports FAO’s work for a world free of hunger, malnutrition and poverty, but also contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). AIMS is one of the knowledge sharing platforms that makes scientific information and digital data on food and agriculture available and accessible worldwide.

AIMS is a worldwide community of experts in food and agricultural information and data management facilitated by FAO. The knowledge sharing platform provides a space for members to communicate and share relevant projects, best practices, learning opportunities, events and new ideas. It also keeps community members up to date on relevant news, events and stakeholder updates through monthly newsletters, interviews with AIMS community members, publications and free webinars.

The AIMS community encompasses different types of professionals related to food and agricultural information and data management such as technicians, librarians, data managers, information management specialists, policy makers and semantic experts.

AIMS also encompasses other Agricultural Information Management and Knowledge Sharing platforms including:

  • AGORA, a knowledge platform that provides free or low-cost access to thousands of major scientific journals and books in food and agriculture to public institutions in low-income countries;
  • AGRIS, a global information service that promotes free access to millions of structured bibliographic records on food and agricultural literature in over 90 languages;
  • AGROVOC, a free multilingual thesaurus available online in more than 40 languages; and
  • Dgroups, a digital knowledge sharing platform, which promotes dialogue and the exchange of ideas, information, research, capacity development opportunities and more, engaging with more than 300,000 people in all countries and territories of the world.

Anyone interested in being involved in the community can:

For more information contact [email protected].