AgroPortal 1.4 (beta) released ! Harnessing the Power of Metadata to Visualize the Landscape of Agronomical Ontologies

The AGROPORTAL team is pleased to announce that the new metadata model (release 1.4) has allowed it to implement additional features to leverage the power of metadata within the AGROPORTAL portal, in particular:

# An ontology landscape page that displays diagrams and charts about all the ontologies on the portal. Please check this out and send the AGROPORTAL team your feedback !

# A few changes to the ontology Summary page, 

# A list of “additional metadata properties” for which, the backend values are stored with standard URIs whenever possible.

# “Get my metadata back” buttons which allow ontology developers to download the metadata that has been edited on the portal in RDF/XML, JSON-LD or N-triple syntax in order to copy/paste it in the original ontology file.

In conjunction with the PractikPharma / SIFR projects (annotation of French clinical text with ontologies) the AGROPORTAL team has implemented additional features within the Annotator, including:

Highlights among the content change of this release are the following:

# Projects from the AgBioData group,

# Metadata population and curation for each ontology [feel free to send feedback or edit],

# Harmonisation of metadata fields (e.g., organization names, ontology types, languages, etc.),

#  New vocabularies and ontologies such as: GACS (Global Agricultural Concept Scheme)Soy ontologyFoodie.

This release includes code merge with NCBO BioPortal (5.3.0). See the release notes for more details on additional features:

Bug fixes of this release include:

  • Multilingual synonyms are not indexed anymore
  • Fix the partial parsing of big SKOS resources
  • Indexation of properties (see NCBO release notes)
  • Fix a few bugs in the front user interface cache
  • Optimisation of metadata retrieval by ontology submission
  • Automatic synchronization of groups and slices

The AGROPORTAL team is pleased to announce that AgroPortal is featured during IN-OVIVE 2017 workshop and EFITA 2017 conference’s demonstration session in Montpellier, 2-6 July, 2017.

Contact the AGROPORTAL team at : [email protected]

AgroPortal release notes: