Consultation on the 'Open Data for Agriculture' Charter Sector Package


GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition) invites GODAN Partners to participate in a consultation of the second Open Data Charter Sector Package: ‘Open Data for Agriculture’. Deadline for input is: 1st of August 2016

GODAN Agricultural Sector Package Working Group invites you to take part in a consultation of the second Open Data Charter Sector Package: ‘Open Data for Agriculture, through an open participative process.

Deadline for input is: 1st of August 2016

Any comments you can sent to: [email protected]

GODAN is looking forward to your answers on the consultation and kindly invite you share this consultation within your network.


The GODAN initiative, the Open  Data Institute (ODI) and Open Data for Development (OD4D) network are taking the lead together with the Open Data Charter (ODC) to develop the Open Data Charter Sector Package for Agriculture, which is a curated resource, providing guidance to policy and decision makers on:

  1. the selection of data set relevant to a particular sector,
  2. how to make the selected data open, and  
  3. to support the use of the open data by  the target group.

The resource will indicate:

  • key data sets and data categories,
  • real world example data sets,
  • illustrative use cases,
  • references to data standards and an overview of remaining gaps and implementation challenges for policy makers.

This consultation is the first step and will be followed by:

STEP 2: Based on the input on the consultation document a first selection of key datasets and categories for the Open Data Charter Sector Package for Agriculture will be prepared in August. The selected key data sets and categories will be discussed during a  stakeholders workshop at the GODAN Summit 15-16 September 2016 in New York.   

STEP 3: Also in August, the use cases collected via this consultation will be expanded into case studies using telephone interviews.

STEP 4: In October, a discussion on data standards in relation to the agricultural key data sets and key categories will be held during the IODC conference 6-7 October 2016 in Madrid.   

STEP 5: The resulting Charter Sector Package on Open Data for Agriculture will be discussed with the intended user group of policy and decision-makers at the OGP Global Summit 7-9 December in Paris, alongside two other Open Data Charter Sector Packages (anti-corruption and climate change).

STEP 6: After the launch the Agricultural Sector Package will be further maintained and updated in the future by GODAN and OD4D.


GODAN Secretariat @godanSec