FAIRsharing : Find, Register, Claim your Standard, Database, and Policy... FAIRsharing will do the rest!

FAIRsharing.org is a curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies. 

FAIRsharing built upon the BioSharing registry (see: FAIRsharing timeline) and transformed it into a searchable network of searchable databases, policies, and standards, - those generic (applicable to all disciplines), and others that are outside Bio- and Life Sciences. 

As to November 2017, FAIRsharing.org encompassed 1069 Standards, 1000 Databases, and 99 Policies. In the same month, the FAIRsharing added a record for the FAO AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus ! 


"Like all practicing scientists, we have to deal with the usual challenges of managing large volumes of data, the frustrations of not being able to find or use data that others have collected, and the burden of all the gymnastics one must do to combine data from different sources into a robust, repeatable analysis.

On top of that, .. we have an additional moral and legal responsibility to be good stewards of all data collected for our public mission, which means ensuring the data we collect remains discoverable and accessible for other studies, …to get the most value from the data they collect, with tools that address their requirements for privacy and security”,

- GO FAIR Data Stewardship Initiative Launched at UCSD. So What Does It Mean For Ag?, by Andy Lyons, IGIS. 


  • Are looking for the most relevant standards, databases, policies to cover specific domain and needs of different consumers ?
  • Do you want your standard or database is findable by prospective users, and is recommended in data policies by funders, journals and other organizations ?

Then, visit FAIRsharing.org, - a Valuable Resource to assist the understanding of the Maturity and Use of inter-related Standards, Databases, Policies. 

With FAIRsharing, you can find the resources needed, register new resources, link and update them. 

Moreover, FAIRsharing permits users to claim their records. This means that users are able to edit and update the record themselves. In addition, claiming a record allows any changes to the record, such as to the record itself or links from other records, such as a database that implements that standard, or a data policy that endorses the use of a standard (to be relayed to the claimant via email).

A record can be claimed either by an individual or a group (e.g., an account can be associated with a group email). To claim your resource, simply go to the chosen record and click the 'claim ownership' button in the blue navbar at the top of the page.

Developer ?  seeking to make your resource more findable ?

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