Open Science Framework: a scholarly commons to connect the entire research cycle

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Center for Open Science (COS)  is a non-profit technology company providing free and open services to increase inclusivity and transparency of research. COS works with scientists (explore simple steps toward open science), publishers and societies (read about how COS can assist you)  and developers (find out how you can contribute).

COS fosters open science communities of researchers, developers, and leaders. The main goal of COS is to share research data, to spread news about best practices and to create platforms demonstrating reproducible research methods.

COS supports and maintains the free, open-source service Open Science Framework (OCF) aligning scientific practices with scientific values by improving openness, integrity and reproducibility of research. Thus, the OSF helps researchers effectively manage and archive their research, privately or publicly.

The OSF also helps researchers understand and apply data management principles to their work. Particularly, the OSF offers researchers constructive guidance and provides easy access to all of the files they are working with. Thus the OSF is greatly enhancing ability of researches to effectively connect their entire research cycle, to share their data, to collaborate with other peers and to contribute to global scientific efforts. 

“Labs and teams across the globe use the Open Science Framework to open their projects up to the scientific community. You can browse the newest and most popular public projects right here”.

After a free registration on the OSF platform, you will be able to: preserve the state of you project at important parts of its lifecycle such as the onset of data collection; to supercharge your workflow with help of the OSF team; add others to your projects to collaborate, or provide private access to view; archive your data (with the OSF you will never lose your project data!); view project analytics; see the latest project changes, who is contributing and historical file versions; quickly share key project information and allow others to use and cite it; view all of your projects from one dashboard.

The OFS Secure Cloud service will keep all your files, data, and protocols in one centralized location.

Project-level permissions features, offered by the OSF, will help you control which parts of your project are public or private making it easy to collaborate with the worldwide community or just your team.

With 3rd party integrations parameters you will be enabled to connect your favorite third party services directly to the OSF, with respect for your workflow.

“The OSF is a great way to collaborate and stay organized while still using your favorite external services", said Kara Woo - Information Manager, Aquatic Ecology, Washington State.

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