Análisis de resultados y estrategias de mejora en repositorios de libre acceso: el caso de citaREA'

CITA is the center of agricultural investigation and technology of Aragón, Spain. The team of the citaREA that is the institutional repository of CITA, has developed a methodology for the creation and optimization of the contents in their repository. They have implemented a strategy which is based on the Deming Cycle consisting of four phases: Plan, Do, Check, Act.

In the first phase (Plan) the documents types and circumstances of the future repository have to be analyzed in order to formulate a strategy. In the second phase (Do), that started in 2009, CITA has tried to incorporate a huge number of documents for the aggregation of contents as a first step without categorizations. The first incorporated documents included scientific contents without limited rights of the CITA library and ancient contents. Starting in 2011 actual scientific documents have been incorporated systematically as a second step.

The analysis of the third phase mainly included the actual documents and their typology, how easily they can be incorporated in the repository, their consistency and how they can be located. The aim was to improve the search of contents and to incorporate the major part in the repository. On the basis of this analysis the team formulated suggestion and new procedures for the initiation of the last phase of implementing the optimazations.