Apply for 3rd Africa Open Science & Hardware Summit ! (13 - 15 April, 2018)

AfricaOSH is a gathering for everyone interested in Open Science & Hardware ...

... as a means to achieve locally adapted, culturally relevant, technologically and economically feasible production in Africa;

... as an alternative to traditional Intellectual Property (IP) and closed knowledge systems;

... to understand its potential for development and collaboration across Africa, especially by reducing barriers to entry in education, research and manufacturing.

Participants of the AfricaOSH include but are not limited to makers, practitioners and researchers in science, technology, engineering, government officials, private sector players and civil society across the African continent, the global South and the World.

To leverage opportunities in the African Open Science & Hardware space, you are invited to be part of the third ...

... Gathering for Open Science & Hardware (GOSH) event,
that will be held in Kumasi, Ghana, 13th - 15th April, 2018.   

GOSH - Africa Open Science Hardware Summit 2018 : Focus on...

GOSH is a diverse, global community working to enhance the sharing of open, scientific technologies.

This upcoming event is:

  • A grassroots effort to bring together researchers, technologists, hacker hobbyists, educators, government officials, and start-up innovators around the world, to create a conversation and set of actions on OSH, in order to adopt OSH principles and practices appropriate to the AfricaOSH context; 
  • Alternative path to education, research, scholarly communication and manufacturing, which is crucial given the barriers imposed by closed knowledge systems and the traditional Intellectual Property (IP) regime.

The AfricaOSH plan to host about 100 participants from across Africa and the rest of the world.

Running from 13th - 15th April, 2018, Africa OSH Summit will include:

1. Presentations and working group discussions

on challenges, opportunities and recommendations to contextualize a Global Open Science and Hardware Roadmap for Africa by 2025; and to make African academic research more visible and accessible

2. Workshops on making and DIYBio (do-it-yourself Biology)

for a wide range of stakeholders to experience the process of design, co-creation, problem solving and to contribute ideas to OSH development

3. Unconference sessions


by networks, startups, and innovators from Africa and the Global South

By partaking in OSH Africa, you will be at the forefront of promoting sustainable change in Africa, by enabling Africans to solve our own problems. This has tremendous implications for the future outlook of the continent.

Logistics and Accommodation arrangement will be communicate to applicants.


Ghana provide Visa-on-Arrival for all Africans. Non-African passport holders should indicate their for a Visa (Visa on arrival also be arranged for in certain cases).

The founding organizers of the Africa OScH Summit are APSOHA (Association for the Promotion of Open Science in Haiti and Africa), Kumasi Hive, The Exploratory, and Global Lab Network

Source: Africa OSH


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