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The Research4Life Team is delighted to announce the release of its June 2018 Newsletter.

The newsletter addresses the latest highlights of the Research4Life Partnership, like:

  • the next General Partners Meeting of the Research4Life Partnership in Washington;
  • the launch of GOALI, the fifth Research4Life programme which provides access to law-related content and contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions;
  • the launch of DAR or Digital Access to Research, a collaboration with the newly established UN Technology Bank which will bring new Research4Life capacity building opportunities and funds for least developed countries;
  • the latest training activities of the Research4Life programmes;
  • the growth of peer-reviewed resources accessible through Research4Life to 85,000.

Find out more about these exciting accomplishments, recent events, training and technology updates and the Research4Life stats & facts: http://www.research4life.org/research4life-partners-newsletter-june-2018/

Please share the news across your networks and consider joining one of our Research4Life teams to work on the continuous improvement of the Research4Life experience from technology to governance, capacity building and communications. Contact: [email protected]

The Research4Life Newsletter is published twice a year and contains information about the Research4Life partnership activities in the areas of capacity development, technical advances, new collaborations, marketing updates, statistical updates, case studies etc.

Source: AGORA


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