Search for Open Content with help of simple Tutorials created by OER Africa

This Finding Open Content Tutorial schematic is offered by OER (Open Education Resources) Africa. 

There is no requirement to log in or register, simply watch videos and interactive elements with your Internet connection. The tutorial covers: 

  • A search strategy for Open Content
  • What is Open Licensing?
  • What is Open Content?
  • How to search for open content using Google?
  • How to conduct more effective online searches?
  • How to search for open content using Creative Commons search?
  • How to search for open content in YouTube?
  • How to search for content in open repositories?
  • How to evaluate open content?

Hope some of you might find this tutorial useful!


AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture)
AGRIS : the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology providing access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology
AIMS.FAO.ORG free online courses on Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) (FR, EN); Open Data Management (EN)Research Data Management (ES)
F1000Research: OKAD: Open Knowledge in Agriculture Development

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