[email protected]: Introduction to Using TEEAL to Access Agricultural Journals

[email protected]: Introduction to Using TEEAL to Access Agricultural Journals

The webinar was held as part of ASIRA (Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture) Online Course for Low-Income Countries--

TEEAL, The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library, is a database that provides access to peer-reviewed, research journals in Agriculture and related-sciences without the need for internet connectivity. Currently TEEAL provides access to 450 research journals. Additionally, TEEAL also begun to provide access to non-journal research material that can be difficult to find and access. The first collection is research sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its partners and grantees. 

TEEAL is delivered on a small-footprint computer that can be plugged into an institution’s local area network (LAN) or a stand-alone computer. When connected to an institution’s LAN, TEEAL is available across the institution to all members of the institutions community.

This webinar introduces the TEEAL database, explore its collections, and demonstrate methods for browsing and effectively searching to identify the research the user needs. Eligibility for TEEAL and costs will also be discussed. There will be an opportunity for questions.


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