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    Focus on AGRIS multilingual search

    In this article, I want to explain the AGRIS multilingual search to avoid confusion about its usage and to highlight its strength.I have to start this explanation with some words about the AGRIS...

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    AGRIS 2.1 online

    AGRIS 2.1 is online! More performant, more stable, more powerful. The new AGRIS website ( totally relies on an Apache Solr index, which avoids the necessity to connect to a...

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    New feature in AGRIS: multilingual search!

    We are pleased to announce a new feature available in the AGRIS Web site ( ): the multilingual search. The final goal is to allow users to query the AGRIS database in their own...

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    Invitation to participate in the AGRIS E-Consultation

    The AGRIS team kindly invites you to participate in AGRIS E-Consultation whose goal is to get feedback from AGRIS users on different aspects of the AGRIS application. The results of this survey...

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    AGRIMetaMaker is under maintainance

    NOTE:  The AGRIS team will not continue the maintenance of the AgriMetaMaker (AMM) and the service can no longer be accessed. If you want to contribute your records from a journal or...

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    AGRIS shortlisted in the "LinkedUp Vici Competition"!

    The LinkedUp Vici Competition is the last competition on tools and demos that use open data for educational purposes. AGRIS ran the competition and was shortlisted: it will be presented during the...