5th international Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA 2015)

The Semantic Digital Archives (SDA) workshop series fosters innovative discussion of knowledge representation and knowledge management solutions specifically designed for improving Archival Information Systems (AIS) and Archival Information Infrastructures (AII). Novel applications of semantic Web technologies and Linked Data offer possibilities to advance approaches to digital curation and preservation. During the last quarter of a century the explosion in digital content creation and use has transformed the relationship individuals and society have with information. Therefore, sustainable long-term curation approaches to our digital cultural heritage are essential. Handling digital content in secure ways poses many socio-cultural and technological challenges. Changing technologies and shifting user communities as well as the increasing complexity of digital content being enriched with software and multimedia attachments are a couple of examples. Addressing the obstacles to curation and preservation is the central theme of the workshop. This full day workshop is an exciting opportunity for collaboration and cross-fertilization between the Digital Libraries, the Digital Preservation and the Semantic Web community. A closer dialogue between the technical oriented communities and researchers from the (digital) humanities and social sciences as well as cultural heritage institu! tions is encouraged.


We intend to have an open discussion on topics related to the general subject of Semantic Digital Archives. Hence, we welcome contributions that focus on, but are not limited to:

  • Architectures and Frameworks for semantic Archival Information Systems (AIS) and Archival Information Infrastructures (AII)
  •  Semantic (Web) services implementing AIS & AII
  • Contextualization of digital archives, museums and digital libraries
  • Linked data for AIS, AII, museums and digital libraries
  • Ontologies for AIS, AII, museums and digital libraries
  • Semantics of complex content (e.g. Social Media, Multimedia)
  • Information integration/semantic ingest (e.g. from digital libraries)
  • Semantic search & information retrieval in digital archives, digital museums and digital libraries
  • User interfaces for (semantic) AIS, AII, digital museums & semantic digital libraries
  • Semantics for Preservation Processes and Protocols
  • Preservation of work flow processes
  • Data & Workflow Provenance for AIS & AII
  • Semantics for the appraisal and selection of content
  • Evolving semantics in long-term archives
  • Trust for ingest & data security/integrity check for long-term storage of archival records
  • User studies focusing on end-user needs and information seeking behavior of end-users
  • Implementations & evaluations of (semantic) AIS, AII, semantic digital museums & semantic digital libraries
  • Semantic long-term storage & hardware organization for AIS & AII & digital libraries