2nd Workshop Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition

Following the highly successful first workshop in January 2015, the Government of the Netherlands through the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the 2nd Workshop "Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition" to be held in The Hague, The Netherlands on the 10 -11th of November, 2015.  

The workshop is organised in collaboration with Wageningen University and the GODAN Secretariat and will be hosted by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The workshop aims to bring together a mix of key players from public as well as private sector organisations at national, internation and global level, governments, businesses, consultants, universities, research organisations and NGOs.

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Open data offers great opportunities for informed and transparent decision making and for developing a data driven economy. There is a growing awareness of the potential impacts of this global trend and in January 2015 the participants in the 1st workshop ‘Creating Impact with Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition’ jointly produced a rich picture of the many on-going and upcoming initiatives and activities in this field.

Although the workshop was very successful in showcasing the many relevant tools, data sets, networks, and initiatives, it also resulted in the conclusion that additional action was needed to clearly outline the pathways to impact of these tools, data sets, networks and initiatives and to use these insights in developing more general views on the role of open data in achieving impact.


The followwing are the 2nd workshop objectives:-

  • To develop a shared general understanding what it takes to generate societal impact with open data in the field of agriculture and nutrition;
  • To make this concrete and specific for the following areas of societal activity:

a. Realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted at the economic, environmental en social dimensions of sustainable development;

b. Innovation that contributes to the transition processes and citizen participation that are needed for realising a). E.g. with regard to economic processes/business activity and improved governance;

c. Improved strategic decision making. 

  • To explore routes to impact, business models behind open data, and good practices.

Workshop Organisation

The workshop aims at bringing together a mix of key players from public as well as private sector organisations at national, international and global level: governments, businesses, consultants, universities, research organisations and NGOs. The participants are invited to share their views, practices, success stories/failures and business cases; and to outline in an open process of interaction and discussion concrete steps to actively turn the power of open data into actual impact.

The workshop will be organised in collaboration with Wageningen UR and the GODAN secretariat. The conference style presentation and discussion of a large series of individual cases during the 1st workshop was appropriate for its objective to exchange information and develop shared views on the potential impact of open data in the broad field of agriculture, food supply and nutrition.

For this 2nd workshop the central question is not ‘how does the desired impact look like’, but ‘how to achieve it’. This requires a different format and a more hands-on and action oriented approach. To make this possible, the scope for the workshop has been slightly narrowed down to ‘Food & nutrition security’.


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Suggestions for workshop content? Contact: Sander Janssen ([email protected]; +31 317481908) or Jacques Jansen ([email protected], +31 317 486942)

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