ACRL Request for Proposals (due by 29 January 2018) : Research Agenda on the Research Environment and Scholarly Communication System

ACRL* seeks proposals for the design, development, and delivery of a new ACRL research agenda on the

Research environment and scholarly communication system.

The final research agenda will provide an overview of trends, identify effective and promising practices, and delineate important questions where deeper inquiry is needed to accelerate the transition to more open, inclusive, and equitable systems of scholarship. This research agenda will be informed by scholarly literature, as well as by advances in practice and the voices of historically underrepresented communities.

The goals of the research agenda are to:

a) provide practical, actionable information for academic librarians;

b) include the perspectives of historically underrepresented communities in order to expand the profession’s understanding of research environments and scholarly communication systems; and

c) point librarians and other scholars towards the most important research questions to investigate.

Work will begin in mid-March 2018 with a with a final document of publishable quality, 23-40 pages in length, due by December 4, 2018.

Read more about project objectives and scope along with proposal specifications in the full request for proposals.

Proposals are due by January 29, 2018, at 4:00 p.m. (CST).

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