AGRIS July 2017 data release with 190,193 new records !

AGRIS team at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) takes this opportunity to inform all interested parties about AGRIS July 2017 data release with 190,193 new records !


AGRIS team continues to work on consolidating the AGRIS (INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR THE AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY) platform (with over 8,977,635 recordsand out of which 1,874,807 records contain explicit links to the full text of the recordand its services to provide better access and visibility to the information resources that are being disseminated through AGRIS. 

All the actions are considered from increasing more efficiency and looking for a more sustainable workflow and processes.


As of August 2017, the AGRIS content is made up of the following : -

Content TypeNumbers
Journal Article5,457,013

In this way, AGRIS facilitates the discoverability and access to above indexed resources. Each AGRIS record is indexed by AGROVOC and this enables similar content to be retrieved in google.

This content comes from than 350 data providers who include research centres, development programes, international and national organisations from more than 140 countries.

AGRIS is used by students, researchers and has more than 400, 000 agricultural research professionals worldwide access AGRIS resources each month. The AGRIS community is comprised of more than 9,500 users registered on its portal.

For more information about AGRIS visit here.

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