AGRIS has a new interface

If you are an active AGRIS user/subscriber you will have noticed as of  May 2016 that AGRIS has a new interface.

Since AGRIS intends to put the world's collection of agricultural research and information at ones’ finger tips, an intuitive and usable interface will go a long way in meeting this goal.

Needless to say, the interface exposes a global wealth of research and technical information on agriculture. AGRIS offers 8 million links to information produced by research centres, development programmes, international and national organizations.

While AGRIS is used by researchers and students, it is a public global good that can be accessed and used by any individual searching for agricultural science and technology information.

AGRIS Interface

Since AGRIS is facilitated by FAO it is clear that it should comply with FAO web guidelines and standards. In this regard, one will see the blue FAO header and footer which are very much in line with the FAO webpages theme.

The main page presents a welcoming page that has a central search box giving it some resemblance to major search engines design and feel.If you slowly type a word in the search bar recent similar and executed searches will appear as suggestions.

Below the search box,a 4 step flow briefly explains how one can execute searches in AGRIS. These are nicely engraved with the following respective headings – 1. Search on AGRIS, 2. Refine your search, 3. Get bibliographic data, 4. Access a resource.

Furthermore, visitors are alerted to the recent, current updates and additions to the AGRIS database, with the total new records stated and also a selection of those records shown on the interface.

More than 400,000 agricultural and research professionals worldwide access AGRIS resources each month, and this to an extent is achieved through AGRIS references on search engines and Google Scholar.

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