AgroTagger : JAVA software to index your documents with AGROVOC thesaurus

If you want to index your documents with AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus, you can download and install the AgroTagger JAVA Command Line application following the instructions to generate AGROVOC keywords or URIs. The AgroTagger is also used to enrich data in different digital information environments (AGRIS is among them).

The AgroTagger JAVA software

was developed (as a FAO initiative) in the context of a couple of EU projects, such as agINFRA and SemaGrow. The application is language independant, but the model created is based on AGROVOC in English. If one is able to build a new MAUI model, it can support all the languages.

If you want to use AgroTagger to index your documents with AGROVOC, it is recommended to rely on a programmer or someone who knows how to run JAVA applications from the command line. 

AgroTagger : How to use an updated AGROVOC thesaurus

AGROVOC multilingual Thesaurus

is managed by FAO, and owned and maintained by an international community of experts and institutions.  

"The lifecycle of AGROVOC, from evolution and maintenance, to alignment with other thesauri and finally to publication as linked data is supported by an entire development chain, consisting of users engaged in a workflow supported by specialized tools ... AGROVOC - the first FAO resource to embrace the Semantic Web" (The AGROVOC Linked Data) ...

... is an SKOS-XL concept scheme and a Linked Data (LD) set aligned with 18 other multilingual knowledge organization systems related to agriculture.

Starting from April 2017, - AGROVOC content is being updated on a monthly basis. 

The latest (1 September 2017)  AGROVOC release is available here(with additions mainly in Turkish, Ukrainian, Georgian):

Total no. of concepts


Total no. of terms


Total no. of top concepts


No. of languages available

up to 28

AgroTagger as an indexing tool is discussed in

a recently published paper: 

KARWOWSKI, W., WRZECIONO, P., Methods of Automatic Topic Mining in Publications in Agriculture Domain, Information Systems in Management (2017) Vol. 6 (3) 192−202.

This article presents:

  • some examples of semantic services based on ontology (e.g. AgroTagger - uses AGROVOC thesaurus for keyword extraction); 
  • the possibilities of the use of the semantics defined in AGROVOC thesaurus to find the common topic of publications in the field of agriculture; "the semantics contained in AGROVOC is rich and the possibilities of subtle differentiation are large"; 
  • an example of automatic indexing of text resources in Polish language in the domain of agriculture at the semantic level, based on the AGROVOC;
  • the design and implementation of an indexing system, based on database of words (with inflected forms) from open-source Polish language dictionary and AGROVOC; 
  • some tests of implemented prototype system designed in client-server architecture
Enjoy the article !

We wish to thank all AGROVOC editors who are contributed to new AGROVOC releases.
A special thank to the ART: Artificial Intelligence Research group, that took over technical support for AGROVOC open web services software. 
Last, but by no means least, thanks to all AGROVOC users! 


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