AGROVOC improves the discoverability of "Good Practices" in the FAO Document Repository

Early this year, "good practices" was added as a new term to AGROVOCAs the newest AGROVOC version was imported to the FAO Document Repository backend, records can now be tagged with “good practices” as one of the multilingual AGROVOC terms in the DocRep backend when uploading materials. Adding relevant AGROVOC tags improves the discoverability of records in the FAO Document Repository. 

The difference between "best practices" and "good practices" is that "good practices" leave room for optimization and also for different approaches. It is thus describing recommendations that should rather support a collaborative learning process than prescribe how things have to be done. "Good practices" are a source of methodologies that suceeded in the past and that can be adapted to different circumstances.

Already a great number of "good practices" documents can be found in the repository:

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