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Are you looking for free, easy, step-by-step guides on how to: make your research data useful collection record, identify data and researchers, manage your data with help of Data Management Plans, publish and share sensitive data ... ?

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) has lots of guides you can access and re-use for free (under the Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution Licence) to enhance your skills

- - in a rather broad spectrum of  knowledge about #DataImpact in data-intensive research and #Research #Data #Management - - 

interactively, at your own pace.  ANDS free guidelines and checklists can be helpful to inform and broaden the range of possibilities for researchers, research office, data managers, librarians, and research organisations. 


Let's get it started ! ... 

Getting started

Articulating the value of data


Describing and publishing research data


USE CASE: Research Data Australia (RDA)

Publishing Data for Editors and Researchers

Effective data management


Identifying data and researchers

Persistent identifiers

Identifying data

Guides to help organise manage, promote and share research data

Funders care about data management


Guides to dealing with the ethics, and methods of sharing sensitive data


Data Management Framework Guides for research institutions


Online services

Research Data Australia (RDA)

DOI minting service (Cite My Data)

Handle minting service (Identify My Data)

ANDS Collections registry

Research grants and projects discovery service

ANDS YouTube

Pamphlets and posters

  • Research Data and Librarians Pamphlet
  • Building a Culture of Data Citation  A4 Poster | pamphlet
  • Sharing Data Ethically A4 Poster
  • 23 (research data)Things  A4 Poster
  • Sensitive data decision tree  A4 Poster
  • Identifier decision tree A4 Poster