Be part of OpenCon Design Thinking for Open Research & Education !

While international Open Research & Education community gears up for OpenCon 2017 to take place in Berlin from the 11 to 13 November, 2017, OpenCon orginizers are inviting all interested parties to contribute to a DO-A-THON” (“a day of making, strategizing, and collaborating on projects to advance Open Research and Open Education”).

Even if the official date of the DO-A-THON is November 13, 2017 -  you can start preparing today ! 

DO-A-THON : what is it all about? 

If there is a specific issue or problem you want to tackle in Open Research & Education,  on the DO-A-THON webpage you have a chance to share it with the OpenCon Community and work together on designing a solution ...


1. Present a problem or challenge

2. Submit a project to find collaborators

3. Contribute your skills and ideas ... and ... 

(Learn more about Design Thinking for Open Research & Education : A quick introduction for OpenCon Activities)

To get more acquainted with the DO-A-THON, OpenCon invites you to:

Learn more about the DO-A-THON

Get to know how it works, and 

Get started with participating , even remotely !

Source: OpenCon DO-A-THON

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