CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture organizes youth in data digital bootcamp

Each year the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture organizes an annual event as a way to bring together the community of scientists, researchers, technologists, development experts, policy analysts, donors, advocates, change agents, last-mile implementers, and many others at the intersection of big data and agriculture.

Participants will join up to 100 delegates from around the world to learn about digital agriculture and how to apply effective communication for impact. Participants will also participate in the global convention Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems, 21-23 October, which will examine how digital tools and technology can help (re)build better food systems in times of global food security crises.

The aim of the Youth in Data Digital workshop is to help young people engage with the opportunities that digital agriculture holds for the future of food security, as well as to teach them how to increase the impact of digital agriculture through effective communications using digital media tools.

On 19-20 October, participants will learn the basics of digital agriculture, social media, interviewing, blog writing, and other media skills. After the two-day workshop, they will put their newly-acquired skills into action at the virtual 2020 Platform convention, where they will engage with the communications team via live-tweeting, interviewing speakers and experts in the field, blog writing and more.

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