Data infrastructure providers and practitioners meet at the EUDAT 2nd Conference in Rome

The European Data Conferences (EDAT) addresses new data challenges in the case of cross-disciplinary sciences and services in view of the European Commission's imminent Horizon 2020 programme. The 2nd conference brings data infrastructure providers and practitioners together to discuss current infrastructure challenges and a solutions, with a focus on interoperability, cross-disciplinarity and cross-border collaboration.

Programme highlights

  • Workshops - the first day is dedicated for workshops from data infrastructure case studies such as iMarine, and CumuloNimbo.
  • The EUDAT programme seeks to give an overview of EUDAT's existing and future services and how these will benefit both researchers and research organisations in accessing and preserving their research data.
  • The following EUDAT services will be reviewed, B2SAFE (to replicate research data safety), B2SHARE (o store and share long-tail research data), B2FIND (tofind research data) and B2STAGE (to get data to computation).
  • The programme will also focus on federated AAI, persistent identifiers, and public-private partnerships focusing on interoperability.

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