Discover AGRIS: International System for AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY... in Numbers!

1975: AGRIS: the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology was created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, in order to provide access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology.

As a global public multilingual bibliographic database for agricultural science and technology, AGRIS collects and shares agricultural bibliographic data, free of charge, which enables to retrieve a wealth of research and technical information resources on agriculture worldwide.


… AGRIS provides access to

9,670,840 bibliographic records (February 2019) breakdown by type as follows:

  • Bibliography: 368,482
  • Book 35,577
  • Conference 290,744
  • Journal Article 6,126,102
  • Thesis 65,700
  • Unknown 485,247
  • Full-text: 2,540,469

… AGRIS offers links to

2,500,000 full-text information resources

… AGRIS is the

3rd most used FAO.ORG website

… AGRIS is an international partnership of

more than 400 data providers from up to 145 countries

… AGRIS is an ongoing collaboration with

Google Scholar

… AGRIS has had (in 2018)

8,600,000 page views

… AGRIS has attracted (in 2018)

5,600,000 users

By taking advantage of Semantic Web capabilities (the AGRIS Open Data Set is available for re-use as a Linked Open Data under the international CC-BY IGO 3.0. license), through its core bibliographic data, AGRIS-related content across online information systems is retrieved.

AGRIS is a global public good and is a responsive service to its user needs by facilitating contribution and feedback regarding the AGRIS core knowledge base and its continuous development.

The use and access of AGRIS is subject to the AGRIS acceptable use policy (please read also FAO Copyright Policies).

By submitting data to AGRIS, every data provider accepts that bibliographical data describing its information resources will be visible worldwide through the AGRIS platform.

Since the content of AGRIS falls under the main areas of work of FAO, it is indexed by the AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus which covers all areas of FAO's interest including food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment and other related topics.

For more detailed information about AGRIS data collection and data processing please check  the dedicated AIMS.FAO.ORG AGRIS page and the AGRIS.FAO.ORG official website.

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