E-learning course on social media & web 2.0 by FAO & UNITAR

Social Media for development - Why is it important? "It's important to communicate with people in the language they speak, on the platform they use." (Jim Rosenberg, Head Online Communication & Social Media, the World Bank)

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and FAO collaborated to hold the online tutored course “Innovative Collaboration for Development (ICfD): e-learning course on social media & web 2.0”.

The focus lays on capacitating development professionals to adequately use the potential of social media tools to enhance the efficiency of their work, increase the outreach of their organizations, and contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of the social issues they work with.

Methodology: six modules in nine weeks

The course is composed of six modules that will be covered in nine weeks, corresponding to 75 learning hours. In 2014 the course will take place in spring, summer and autumn, in as well English as French. For the exact dates see the ICfD Brochure. At the end of the course, participants who successfully complete all the activities and assessments will receive a joint UNITAR/FAO certificate. (Source: ICfD Brochure)

ICfD_Brochure 2014.pdf1.57 MB ICfD_Brochure 2014.pdf1.57 MB ICfD_Brochure 2014.pdf1.57 MB ICfD_Brochure 2014.pdf1.57 MB