EIFL produces a Library Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Advocacy Resource

EIFL-FOSS has produced a Library FOSS Advocacy Resource.
It is aimed at:
  • Library directors, who need to be aware of all of the costs and benefits in order to make a decision on deploying a FOSS tool, or to advocate for that decision to be made by institutional managers;
  • Librarians and technicians, who need to express the right kinds of information to the library directors to effectively make the case for FOSS.

What does the FOSS resource include?

The resource includes a brief overview and rationale for using FOSS; and links to more information about major library FOSS tools.

It also includes an extensive analysis of two key considerations when deciding to implement a FOSS solution: 1) total cost of ownership (TCO) and 2) intangible costs/benefits.

The resource is designed so that you can easily skim through the major headings if you have little time available, and you can also drill down into more detailed information if you want to find out more.

Background to the FOSS resource

Feedback from the EIFL library community suggested that one of the key barriers to a greater number of FOSS deployments was a lack of effective advocacy guidance. In response to this, EIFL-FOSS created a FOSS Advocacy Resource.

Access to:
FOSS resource online
Background information

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