Eprints in Library and Information Science e-LIS: new hosting, items and statistics !

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We are pleased to inform you that in May 2017, e-LIS : eprints in Library and Information Science migrated to a new hosting institution -  the Federico II University of Naples (Italy). In 2018 e-LIS will celebrate its 15th anniversary !  Library and information science (LIS) researchers, librarians, students and research institutions are invited to search, browse and participate by depositing their own work in e-LIS !


Since 2003, an international open archive for library and information science (LIS) - e-LIS has promoted Open Access (Green Road) to results from scientific research and has favored the sharing and growth of scientific knowledge. This means that searching and archiving full-text documents in e -LIS is totally free for any potential user with access to the Internet.

e-LIS is the first international e-server in LIS area and organised, managed and maintained by an international team of librarians, with different backgrounds. e-LIS is based on the philosophy and principles of Open Source Initiative in computing whereby people from all over the world co-operate in building software for the public domain. 

The objectives of the E-LIS archive are:

  • To improve knowledge of the building and management of Open Repositories working practically in the field within the framework of Open Digital Libraries;
  • To create a valid and credible model in LIS discipline for the building of a Global Library and Information Science Open Repository;
  • To establish a base for communal work between librarians information technology professionals, and to enhance the Open Science movement.

The open repository e-LIS resulted from the RCLIS (Research in Computing, Library and Information Science) project and the DoIS (Documents in Information Science), and is now hosted by the Federico II University of Naples (Italy; founded in 1224, this University is the oldest state university in the world).

Under the imprint " Federico II Open Access University - FedOAPress", the CAB (Center for Libraries at "Federico II" University), e-LIS delivers Open Access to academic articles, books and research data through the institutional repository and the platforms for scientific journals and e-books series. 

The "Federico II" University of Naples also provides support to international disciplinary repositories, such as RM Open Archive, a very relevant Open Access scholarly repository, which covers the whole range of medieval studies, and now E-LIS will continue providing all its services.

LIS researchers, librarians, students and research institutions are invited to:
search, browse and participate by depositing their own work !

Articles (pre- and post-prints), presentations can be in any language (abstracts and keywords should be also in English). Preferred formats are .pdf and .html, best suited for later retrieval.

e-LIS Policies: Check before submitting your papers

How to deposit records in E-LISThe Subject Tree adopted is JITA Classification Schema.

All works deposited in the E-LIS server remain the property of the author who are responsible for the documents they archive. Authors have to ensure that the intellectual property of their deposited work is theirs and that no restrictions exist for digital distribution of the deposited work. The quality of the metadata of the submission is controlled by country editors.

Items in e-LIS may be browsed by the following:  
Author -  Subject - Countries - Year - Conference - Conference by name

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e-LIS provides statistical information regarding viewing and downloading.

If you cannot find the information you require on e-LIS website, or if you have any comments or suggestions as to how E-LIS service may be improved, please don't hesitate to contact  [email protected].


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