Free Webinar : How to Foster Openness from an Academic Library

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This webinar is organised as part of ASIRA (Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture) Online Course for Low-Income Countries provided by FAO of the United Nations in collaboration with Research4LifeThe webinar is open to the public as well as its primary audience, the course participants. Do not forget to register before 24th April!


Third webinar in this webinar series will provide practical information on How to Foster Openness from an Academic Library.

Here are the details for the webinar and please do not forget to register !

Date & Time:

25 April 2017 Tuesday

at 14:00 CEST (time converter)

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Dr. Ignasi Labastida is the Head of the Office the Dissemination of Knowledge at the Universitat de Barcelona 

About the webinar:

In 2006 the University of Barcelona launched the Office for the Dissemination of Knowledge (ODK)  in order to make visible its commitment with openness started in 2003 when it joined Creative Commons as its host institution in Spain. Currently the ODK is based in the library and during these ten years has been involved in many activities, events, project and trainings to foster openness in any academic level from education to research. In this webinar, Dr. Labastida will explain how they have been developing this work and how the community has reacted.


About the speaker:

Dr. Ignasi Labastida is the Head of the Office the Dissemination of Knowledge at the Universitat de Barcelona where he is also leading the Research Unit at the CRAI (Learning and Research Resource Center). From this Office he is leading different projects towards openness related with open educational resources, open access and open data within his own institution and partnering with external institutions. He has been a member of the OCW Consortium Board of Directors on behalf of Creative Commons and a member of the Administrative Council of Communia, an International Association on the Public Domain built on the eponymous Thematic Network. Currently, he is engaged in the LEARN project funded by the European Commission aimed at the implementation of the LERU Roadmap for Research Data. He is also member of the Steering Committee of the CIO Community of the LERU.

ASIRA Webinars are valuable component of the ASIRA course like it was in the previous edition of ASIRA.