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Turing Award winner,  Bob Kahn was not only one of the inventors of Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), but also one of the driving forces within the internet community that created completely new opportunities, new technologies and new aspirations that we are all familiar with today.

Join a unique webinar on 6th December at 15:00 UTC 

In a live discussion with Peter Wittenburg, Senior Advisor at the Max Planck Computing and Data Facility and RDA Europe Director, Bob will be addressing key issues related to Data Networking and the fast evolving research data landscape. 

In 1995, Bob Kahn, together with Robert Wilensky, wrote a visionary paper on Digital Objects which led to the Digital Object architecture, and the world-wide increased adoption of the Digital Objects concept and their associated Persistent Identifiers (PIDs).

Consequently, the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), the institute at which Bob is director, started working on a solid and powerful PID resolution system which is now the basis of the services behind DOI (Digital Object Identifiers) and many other services for the registration and resolution of PIDs, such as ePIC (European Persistent Identifier Consortium) in Europe.

In 2005 the Max Planck Society understood that PIDs would be crucial for managing increasing volumes of data, and sought to offer a PID solution for all its scientists. The Handle System was chosen as favoured system, developed by CNRI. Bob worked hard to create the DONA Foundation in Geneva and gradually transfer management of the Handle System to this foundation. The DONA Foundation is governed by an international board. In addition, the single node root system behind the Handles has been moved to a multi-root system making Handles even more reliable – if one root server breaks down, others will take over the job seamlessly.

These advancements indicate that Bob Kahn is one of the key visionaries working in the areas of computer and data networking in recent decades.

In this interview Peter Wittenburg from RDA will discuss with Bob about these developments, and also raise questions about how the increasing application of new technologies such as cyber-physical systems will create even more challenges for connecting internet devices and managing data.


Source: RDA: Join us for a live interview with Computer Networking pioneer Bob Kahn, 6th December