KIBI: A data Intelligence platform

The Siren Solutions have announced  KIBI, an Open Source Data Intelligence platform for "Data Intelligence". Kibi is a "friendly fork" of Kibana - an amazing platform for browsing data and getting analytics backed by Elasticsearch.

About KIBI

Kibi extends Kibana with the ability of handle relational data, either via cross Elasticsearch index joins, or via querying external SQL or SPARQL (!) endpoints. With these extensions, Kibi can deliver ultrafast, realtime, scalable/search and analytics (quasi BI grade) on mixed/semistructured datasets - in an entirely user customizable data environment.

Possible Applications

  • Security and IP intelligence: display which servers are being attacked by a set of malicious IP addresses, stored in a separate index.
  • News/Financial Intelligence: perform analytics on companies mentioned in social media streams, news feeds and analysts reports; show related financial information over a custom time period.
  • Business Intelligence: what are the most purchased products by customers that during any email or support interactions have mentioned the name of a competitor in the past quarter?
  • Life Science: browse targets, references, formulae and molecular structures related to the papers from a specific author.
  • Law Enforcement: display informations about suspects and offenders , extends your search by filters created by querying an external high performance graph store.
  • Internet of things, sensors data: display the location of the sensors on a map, restrict the visualization to a specific area, then display all the communication logs generated by the sensors in the area in real time.
  • Legal Practice Management: display all the information about the cases related to a specific topic, outcome or time, then drill down on related cases.
  • Mobility planning: perform analytics on vehicle behaviour by joining traffic data, vehicle registration numbers, driver licenses and violations, e.g. see the top five violations from drivers under 30 years driving a car with a power above a certain threshold in the past year.
  • Local authority planning: related building permission documents with information about architects, owners and nearby buildings.

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The relationship with "Semantic Web"

Within Kibi and in its roadmap are numerous features which are inspired or inherit some of the good ideas of the SW. For example Kibi uses "URIs" internally also to point at records, be these in Elasticsearch or SQL databases. Also, support for taxonomies and graph queries will be coming relatively soon, as well as simple inference.


Acknowledgements go the SmartOpenData FP7 project - where Kibi is providing analytics on geographical data - and the MixedEmotions H2020 project, where Kibi is used for emotion analytics on partner's media. Acknowledgement also go to the Data and Knowledge Management Research Unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler FBK institute for the project idea support and feedback