Open Science MOOC: From Open Science to Inclusive Science

Friday, Oct 25, 2019 from 2pm to 3pm (CEST)

Photo by UNSPLASH licensed under CC0 License

A lot is happening in the Open Science world, as everybody realizes more and more the importance of open, transparent and participatory research practices.

However, we tend to forget, in the ongoing conversations, what Open Science means to different audiences, coming from diverse or even underrepresented backgrounds.

Open Science MOOC is organizing a webinar titled 'From Open Science to Inclusive Science' and will focus on DiversityEquityInclusion and Inclusiveness.

The speaker, Paola Masuzzo, will make the case that the above-mentioned topics are non-negotiable and they must be built into the foundation of what we are all trying to achieve in the ongoing efforts of democratizing knowledge.

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Speaker's Bio

Paola Masuzzo has a PhD in Bioinformatics from Ghent University, in Belgium, and a big passion for data. During her PhD, she was fortunate enough to join OpenCon, an extraordinary community around Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data. This event has changed forever the way she looks at access to knowledge and educational resources. Since then, she has participated in many international projects for the promotion of open research practices, especially for FAIR data and open source code. She is currently a data scientist for a corporate organization, an independent researcher by the Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) and spends a lot of free time advocating for free and fair access to knowledge. She has co-authored many articles on open scholarly communication, has been a ContentMine and a Research Data Alliance fellow, has co-founded the Civic Lab Ghent, and currently sits in the Steering Committee of the Open Science MOOC (