Recorded GFAR webinar : Metrics in Agriculture, Impact Measurement and Impact Tools

How do we measure the performance of a development organisation/project?
Most will say: “Easy… By measuring our impact”...
Then, the question is “How do we measure our impact”?, "How do we design effective measurement tools for the understanding, management and acceleration of impact?" ...???

The past GFARCOSA * / GLF webinar "Brace for Impact" provided answers to these and other related questions**.

You can find the full webinar recording here

The webinar was part of the series of “ GLF Digital Summits” discussing sustainable development in eco-systems, spanning the spectrum across food security, eco-systems and sustainable/integrated landscape development/research.

* Working with governments, development agencies and major corporations, COSA (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) has evolved innovative and very pragmatic and science-based approaches that work. COSA tools cover a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from impact assessments to performance monitoring, and are suitable for both micro and macro levels of analysis, progressing from the farm household, to the producer organization, and up to the landscape level. For all COSA toolsopen access and comparability are regarded as key for intelligent testing and scaling.

** The main questions answered during the webinar : 

  • How is measuring sustainability different from other metrics in agriculture?
  • Costs for fieldwork and analysis limit good research. I understand that you are making the collection of sustainability data more affordable. How?
  • Who are the end users for the sustainability data and analysis you provide?
  • How do you account for the differences in agro-ecological zones or regions when you note thatindicators are standardized?
  • How can a company or development agency integrate sustainability data into its regular operations?
  • How do you know if sustainability data is credible and reliable?

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