Recorded Webinar on Linked Data Competency Index : Mapping the field for Teachers and Learners


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Linked Data Competency Index  :  Mapping The Field for Teachers And Learners 

took a walk through the Linked Data Competency Index (LDCI) online resource (with the 600+ resources) and explained its editorial principles. 

The LDCI provides a concise and readable map of concepts and skills related to the practices and technologies of Linked Data for the benefit of interested learners and their teachers. 

The webinar showed how the social platform Github will be used to crowdsource its future maintenance and synchronize translations, such as the Chinese version of the Index. 

The webinar concluded with a look at how the Linked Data for Professional Education (LD4PE) project website has used competencies to catalog Web tutorials and YouTube videos that are helpful for learning about Linked Data.

Watch the recorded [email protected] :

Linked Data Competency Index: Mapping the field for teachers and learners

About the Presenter: 

Thomas Baker is an independent Semantic Web consultant, an assistant director of Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, and is currently helping to build the Global Agricultural Concept Scheme (GACS).  His background is in social sciences, with a PhD at Stanford University. He has taught at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok and Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, and he has worked
in Berlin, Washington, and Bonn, where he currently resides.  Thomas Baker co-chaired the W3C working group that published Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS), the technical basis for GACS, and is currently helping the development of the Shape Expressions Language (ShEx) for validating RDF data.