Registries for Open Data Repositories, Institutional Repositories, Policies, Journals

Does your institution have repositories and policies related to Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, Open Journals?

Please consider registering it in the following registries:

ROARMAP for Open Access (OA) Policies

(currently 31 African OA policies)


re3data for Data Repositories

(currently 22 African data repositories)

OpenDOAR for Institutional Repositories (IRs)

(165 African IRs)


ROAR for Institutional Repositories

DOAJ for Open Access Journals

Thank you for assisting in making African research and research output more visible via the above mechanisms!


JROST: Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools

OAD: Open Access Directory:

- - Declarations in support of OA
- - OA journal launch services 
- - Research wikis 
- - Advocacy Organisations for OA   

Open access monitoring and business model in Latin America and Middle East: a comparative study based on DOAJ data and criteria

Open Access Button and Unpaywall : an easy way to find Open Access versions of publications

Mapping Open Science Tools

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