SemaGrow performs as scheduled after its second year

SemaGrow  is an European three-years project with the objective to discover possibilities to handle big data in agriculture. The SemaGrow consortium seeks to develop techniques for distributed Web queries, data and metadata mapping as well as methodologies for scaling up to extremely large data volumes and real time performances. FAO holds the role of a data provider and contributes to the project inter alia with the AGRIS database that serves as a demonstrator of the technical developments within SemaGrow.

As the second year of SemaGrow has ended at the 31st of October 2014 it is time to take a look back at the achievements:

SemaGrow progressed well within the last two years and can present its first results on the development and testing of the infrastructure and the demonstrators: The SemaGrow demonstrator for the AGRIS use case with its two backend components (AgroTagger and Web Crawler), that was delivered by the FAO, is only one example. As the first pilot trials have been completed, the consortium can start addressing the suggestions that were collected until now and follow its plan for the final technical developments of the third year.