World Bank notes from 12/03/2012 meeting

We looked over the issues in the ingestion of WB bibliographic records and came to the conclusion that we had best ask them a few more questions before proceeding. Stefano can send these questions out (better phrased) to follow up on the previous mail. Or we could clean up the spreadsheet a bit and send them that.

-- SCOPE, how are records selected that they think are of interest to us? It would be good to have a clear idea of the selection process for the records they feel are "agriculture" related.

-- World Bank noted that they were "retagging" resources. Does this mean we should wait so that we get records with more precise keywords?

-- Who can we list as the Corporate Author? Should it be World Bank or should we use the value found in the Unit Owning/Responsible field?

-- Personal Author - approximately half the records we found have no author. Do we just live with the Corporate Author field in this case?

-- Publisher - can we consider the Publisher to be World Bank for all records?

-- World Bank's Report Name and Report Number fields, is this a 1:1 relationship, i.e. 1 report number attached to 1 resource or can multiple resources be attached to 1 report (1:n) ?

-- Date Issued - should we use World Bank's Disclosure Date or Document Date for this field?

-- Document Version - Does the presence of this field mean that we could get two records where only the version number differs? If so we might need to add this to the title?

Reference Spreadsheet: