AGROVOC Releases

AGROVOC Distributions

AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus is currently deployed into two main distributions, both in RDF: 

1. AGROVOC Core. Includes AGROVOC in all languages. It is an RDF dataset, available in RDF/XML and NT formats. 

2. AGROVOC LOD. Includes AGROVOC in all languages. It is currently published in NT and NQ formats. This is the distribution also accessible from the SPARQL endpoint and web services. The materialization of SKOS core labels from the skosxl and trivially inferred triples (due to symmetric and inverseOf properties, no transitive closure computed) are contained as well, along with agrontology vocabulary.

The AGROVOC VoID provides metadata about the AGROVOC Linked Dataset.

Status of the current release

Latest version


 is stable and available in the following ways. 

Agrovoc Dump Download

AGROVOC LOD nq (zipped - 44 MB)

AGROVOC LOD nt (zipped - 44 MB)


AGROVOC Core rdf (zipped - 32 MB)

AGROVOC Core nt (zipped - 32 MB)

Agrovoc Web Service Web Services Site
Agrovoc Linked Dataset

SPARQL Endpoint

Technical information about the two deployments

1. AGROVOC Core. Content is composed of:

  • data dump from VocBench
  • timestamp on the AGROVOC SKOS Concept Scheme, indicating the date/time of release
  • agrovoc mapping to other triple stores (now stored in the default graph, previously (until 2014) stored in the <> named graph; see Agrovoc VoID descriptor to get the list of all mapped files. In the history below, for each AGROVOC version before 2015, there is a link to the updated mapping file for that version).

2. AGROVOC LOD is saved both in N-Quads (including provenance information through named graphs) and N-Triples format. Its content includes:

  • AGROVOC Core (above)
  • pointer to void:inDataset triple, linking to the AGROVOC VoID descriptor, for each skos:Concept, skosxl:Label and skos:ConceptScheme
  • materialization of SKOS core labels from the skosxl reified Labels (skosxl Labels are maintained too)
  • materializaton of trivially inferred triples (due to symmetric and inverseOf properties, no transitive closure computed)
  • Agrontology vocabulary (stored in the <> named graph)

History of AGROVOC Versions


core dump 2019-11-04
lod dump 2019-11-04
agrontology&void 2019-11-04


core dump 2019-10-01
lod dump 2019-10-01
agrontology&void 2019-10-01
notes The SPARQL Endpoint URL has been updated to


core dump 2019-09-03
lod dump 2019-09-03
agrontology&void 2019-09-03


core dump 2019-07-10
lod dump 2019-07-10
agrontology&void 2019-07-10


core dump 2019-06-03
lod dump 2019-06-03
agrontology&void 2019-06-03


core dump 2019-05-03
lod dump 2019-05-03
agrontology&void 2019-05-03


core dump 2019-04-01
lod dump 2019-04-01
agrontology&void 2019-04-01


core dump 2019-03-01
lod dump 2019-03-01
agrontology&void 2019-03-01


core dump 2019-02-01
lod dump 2019-02-01
agrontology&void 2019-02-01


core dump 2018-12-10
lod dump 2018-12-10
agrontology&void 2018-12-10


core dump 2018-11-06
lod dump 2018-11-06
agrontology&void 2018-11-06

core dump 2018-10-01
lod dump 2018-10-01
agrontology&void 2018-10-01

core dump 2018-09-03
lod dump 2018-09-03
agrontology&void 2018-09-03

core dump 2018-08-17
lod dump 2018-08-17
agrontology&void 2018-08-17


core dump 2018-07-02
lod dump 2018-07-02
agrontology&void 2018-07-02


core dump 2018-06-01
lod dump 2018-06-01
agrontology&void 2018-06-01

core dump 2018-05-02
lod dump 2018-05-02
agrontology&void 2018-05-02

core dump 2018-04-03
lod dump 2018-04-03
agrontology&void 2018-04-03

core dump 2018-03-01
ld dump 2018-03-01
agrontology&void 2018-03-01

core dump 2018-02-02
ld dump 2018-02-02
agrontology&void 2018-02-02

core dump 2017-12-04
ld dump 2017-12-04
agrontology&void 2017-12-04

core dump 2017-11-02
ld dump 2017-11-02
agrontology&void 2017-11-02

core dump 2017-10-02
ld dump 2017-10-02
agrontology&void 2017-10-02

core dump 2017-09-01
lod dump 2017-09-01
agrontology&void 2017-09-01

core dump 2017-08-01
lod dump 2017-08-01
agrontology&void 2017-08-01

core dump 2017-07-03
lod dump 2017-07-03
agrontology&void 2017-07-03

core dump 2017-05-04
lod dump 2017-05-04
agrontology&void 2017-05-04

core dump 2017-04-03
lod dump 2017-04-03
agrontology&void 2017-04-03


core dump 2016-07-15
lod dump 2016-07-15
agrontology&void 2016-07-15

core dump 2016-01-21
lod dump 2016-01-21 
agrontology&void 2016-01-21
notes mappings were included in the core; agrontology&void are available through tags in the git repositorty

core dump 2015-03-24
lod dump 2015-03-24 
notes mappings were included in the core 
core dump 2014-07-23
lod dump 2014-07-23 
agrontology 2014-07-23 
void 2014-07-23 
mappings 2014-07-23 
core dump 2013-12-17
lod dump 2013-12-17
agrontology 2013-07-12
void 2013-05-09
mappings 2013-02-05
notes LOD version did not contain inferred triples (symmetric, inverseOf)